Adrienne Nina offers virtual programs through the WELL TRAINED website, as well as the below types of training and services. Whether through personal guided plans, in person training or any other goal you are seeking to achieve, Adrienne can provide you with the following so you can become WELL TRAINED.


Air is the one element that we can live the least amount of time with, which is why breathing is so important to master. Breath is the source of all movement originating from the diaphragm. When breathing is restricted, overall movement and human function will be too. Correct and improve your breathing abilities with science backed techniques to improve athleticism and overall well-being.

- Improve CO2 tolerance

- Breathing to reduce stress

- Simulated altitude training

- Improve VO2 Max


The stronger one is, the more capable they are of doing the things they enjoy without pain or injury. Lifting weights can be simple when you know how to lift them properly. With proper form you will optimize Get customized programs specific to improving your daily activities and athleticism.

- Functional Movement Patterns

- Progressive weight loading and/or muscular endurance


A bodyweight from of endurance strength training that increase physical range of motion, stability and joint mobility. Unlock your body's potential with sequences of primal and traditional calisthenic movements.


For expecting, new and current mothers. Strength training should not be avoided before or during pregnancy, as it requires a good amount of it to carrying a growing being inside for 9 months and to give birth. However, you do want to take precautions that you are training in the safest and most optimal way possible in preparation of functioning as a mother.

- Preventing and repairing diastasis recti

- Dynamic movements in preparation for daily activities of motherhood


Training hard requires the equivalent of recovery. Regenerate with dynamic air compression massage of Normatec to reduce muscle fatigue and increase circulation.