The WELL TRAINED motto is to Train for a life WELL lived. This is achieved particularly through nourishing movement. Our bodies are one unit of many parts which work best in unison. While traditional bodybuilding methods focus on individual segments of the body, it is our mission to train the whole body and not one part at a time.

The COREdinate Bodyweight Workouts are designed to strengthen and tone your core with movements that engage the entire body. These exercises challenge the body as well as the mind; enhancing the mind-body connection for improved coordination, mobility, stability, and strength.


Adrianne Nina, the visionary behind the WELL TRAINED brand, is a fitness and wellness coach based in Los Angeles, CA. She has always had a passion for movement dating back to when she was a toddler. Growing up, Adrianne studied ballet, jazz, and hip hop dance modalities. Certified by the International Sports Science Association, she also holds additional certificates in the following:

- Animal Flow Level 1 & 2

- Functional Strength (CFSC)

- Kettlebell Athletics Level 1 & 2

- K3 Combat Movement Systems

- Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathwork

- Pre/Post/Pro-Natal Training

- Precision Nutrition Level 1

With a keen sense of movement, Adrianne has created fun and effective training routines. She includes these movements in her own training regimen as well as for her private clients' programming. 



I want to thank you so much, this journey was amazing…This 30daychallenge helped me stay on track, and I definitely lost some weight and some "cm", but more important I feel stronger. 💪💪🤗😊I struggle with building my upper body strength a lot, in my arms especially, however I can feel that I have improved since April 1st. I loved doing the exercises, a mix of new moves and small challenges: a combination of strength, mobility, energy, focus etc... Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn and improve with you.


Obsessed with all the workouts. As soon as I think “oh this one is easy” I figure out “not really” as I go further into the sets. Since I have been lifting solely with weights, I sometimes underestimate body weight exercises. Your exercises have helped me tap into mind muscle connection which is sometimes hard for me when using weights. I actually find them challenging because of the balancing and unilateral work most of them require. Even my husband has began incorporating them in his routines.


Thank you so much for this challenge, I have learned so much. My squats are improving and my core strength is the best it's ever been particularly after 3 kids.